Do you need a special post construction cleaning time to ensure you’ll have that spotless newbuild or project ready for a photoshoot? Booragoon Cleaning is your go to team to handle the job for you. We have years of experience that allows us to be one of the preferred teams by many builders in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, Kwinana and South Perth.

Builder Cleaners for South Perth, Forestdale and Kwinana

Our Builder Cleaning Services for South Perth, Forestdale and Kwinana

Here are just some of the tasks we can complete to ensure your building projects in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, Kwinana and South Perth has the best cleaning outcomes.


Paint Spill Cleaning

Paint spill is part of any building project; but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to remove it before your client comes and inspect the completed project, right? So, we ensure that all paint spills on any surface are removed with utmost vigilance.


Cement Removal

Just like paint, cement spills unavoidable doing construction. So it may be found on your floors, trimworks, frames or even your windows. Talk to us so we can get rid of the cement before it gets inspected by the property owner.


Glass and Window Cleaning

Put a good impression with a spotless glass and windows greeting your client. This will not only give them a bright smile on their face; but a two thumbs-up that you’ll surely be recommended to their friends, families and relatives.

Learn more about our glass and window cleaning services.


Hard Floor Clean, Care and Polishing

We don’t only clean your floor but practice the best protection to ensure your beautiful tiles or timber floor remains unscratched. So, we always wear disposable hygienic shoots and boosts when doing our building cleaning, caring and polishing jobs.


Dusting Off Furniture, Walls and Other Surfaces

Get your new build ready for bragging without any dust through the help of our cleaning team. We carefully check the walls, furniture, fixtures, rails and other surfaces so you everyone will be shining brightly upon entry to their new home or office.


Bathroom and kitchen sanitation

We value hygiene in all our cleaning procedures, this includes ensuring your bathroom and kitchen is spotless. This includes cleaning the surface and equipment in these areas.


About Our Builder Cleaners in South Perth, Forestdale and Kwinana

We take care of your health and safety, as well as our team, prior to any cleaning and maintenance. To this, we strictly perform the following checks:

  • National police clearance check
  • COVID-19 hygiene course
  • Certification and licences
  • Industry best practices
  • Safe work plans conformity
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • Processes and quality management


This means we have a public liability insurance and worker’s insurance; and our cleaning team has a clean police certificate. So, you will always be at peace, knowing the cleaning and maintenance of your new build in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, South Perth and Kwinana is performed only by trustworthy individuals.


How about our cleaning materials?

We use environmentally friendly materials that are guaranteed safe for pets, plants and humans. We also do due diligence when removing stickers from any new items such as furniture and appliance. We remove everything by hand without using any sharp tools.


Talk to us should you need any other special instructions when we are to perform the building cleaning for you.