Booragoon Cleaning is a trusted commercial cleaning company servicing South Perth. Some of our clients include Fremantle City Coldstores, Fremantle Ports, and Ocean Grown Abalone for more than 15 years.

Commercial Cleaning For South Perth

We are the preferred commercial cleaning of choice for many companies and businesses, especially AQIS (DAFF) registered operations in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, South Perth and Kwinana because we only supply and use government-approved chemicals that comply with accreditations. See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients here.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services for South Perth, Canning Vale, Kwinana, Fremantle

Our years of experience in the industry made us one of the best choices for the commercial cleaning for the following:



Hilton Chiropractic and the Government of Western Australia North Metropolitan Health Service: Dental Health Services are just some of the medical centres we regularly clean and maintain in South Perth. Our specialised service includes recommended janitorial procedures for the cleaning of medical facilities; aside from the regular office cleaning we normally service . All of which is done to prevent the number of people from getting inflicted with medical centre-acquired illnesses.



We have performed the commercial cleaning needs of many businesses to include The Boating Industry Association of WA and Australians Customs and Borders Protections Service WA. They regularly tap our services as we have proven to deliver high quality of work, responsive service, and flexible approach to all of their unique needs and requirements. So they also happily recommend our services to similar businesses within their industry.



Only a few commercial cleaners in Fremantle City Coldstores, Fremantle Ports, and Ocean Grown Abalone have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to handle this unique industry. This makes them go-to-company because Ray and Daniel’s professional approach to all AQIS issues in a time-efficient manner. This allows them to complete all of their tasks at hand without any worries and delay.



This fast paced environment requires not only the right equipment, man-power, and tools; but years of experience in ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance during the entire event is carefully handled. So we are committed in not only delivering a willingness to go beyond our call of duty, but also in removing pressure and worries from your team. Tell us your goal and we’ll be your partner in executing this through-out your event in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, South Perth and Kwinana.



The busy environment in schools, plus the need to ensure hygiene practices is strictly implemented, requires commercial cleaners with a strong conviction to these principles.

Here at Booragoon, we value the health of our children; so we deliver a total quality approach to cleaning educational facilities such as:

  • Education institute cleaning
  • Library cleaning services
  • Childcare cleaning services
  • Classroom cleaning services



The need to ensure the cleanliness of retail shops and showrooms is a 100% must now, more than ever. Our team of cleaning experts ensures your retail shops stay in perfect condition through the regular cleaning and maintenance of your consulting areas, sale floors, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet and more. In addition, every premise is different and we are delighted to recommend and estimate solutions to any cleaning issue you may have.



We perform a thorough cleaning of your office by ensuring all of these areas are well-taken cared of:

  • Dusting, desk cleaning and mopping
  • Disinfecting the kitchen, office equipment, and toilets
  • Hard floor stripping and sealing
  • Lunchroom cleaning
  • Rubbish removal and trash collecting
  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning
  • Glass spot cleaning – goodbye fingermarks on glass windows


Our General Commercial Cleaning Checklist:

Our team ensures 100% cleaning of the following areas of your commercial space in Forestdale, Melville, Booragoon, Cockburn, Fremantle, South Perth and Kwinana.:

  • Carpet and floor area vacuuming
  • Emptying and replacing bin liners
  • Disinfecting and cleaning desk surfaces
  • Dusting of tools and equipment
  • Kitchen clean up

We remove all superficial marks for a spotclean door, desks, glass partitions, and walls.


Call 0430 319 966 for a spotless and hygienic commercial property in South Perth.